Sunday, September 1, 2013

101 in 1001

So, here it is the hundred and one things I plan to do in one thousand and one days. I really feel its important to write down our goals even if no one else understands them and set deadlines for them to happen. This is me putting my goals into the Universe so they can manifest and become a reality. The first 101 in 1001 I saw and was inspired by and because everything is fun with company, I'm sharing this experience with my sister and cousin as they have their own list of goals to achieve.

101 in 1001

1. Go on vacation with husband
2. Make new memories and take more pictures
3. Go to Parks with husband
4. Have a date night with husband once a week
5. Go to broadway show
6. Try new restaurants (min 5) 1.Local Italian Restaurant
7. Go on vacation without husband
8. Take time off to go and experience a complete convention
9. Visit Italy
10. Visit a city I have never been to
11. See Cirque du  Soleil
12. Go wine tasting and find my signature flavor
13. Go to Paris and buy something I've always wanted while there
14. See Beyoncé in concert
15. Attend Shana & Tavious Wedding
16. Visit Jersey with husband (Shana's wedding doesn't count)
17. Do more things alone that I normally require company for (5 things) rental car
18. Go to another concert or show
19. Meet Lexus
20. Spend more time with mom and dad (min twice a month)
21. Attend one show at NYFW
22. See a show at the Kings Center before I move
23. Visit California

24. Take cooking class
25. Read at least one book a month
26. Learn how to make jewelry and create a jewelry line
27. Learn Calligraphy
28. Learn French
29. Learn Sign Language
30. Learn how to use my sewing machine
31. Upgrade to DSLR camera and learn how to use it properly

32. Only buy things I LOVE / no more compromising
33. Find out my blood type
34. Move out of Melbourne
35. Buy first house and furnish it
36. Have my own office/studio space
37. Get pregnant and have baby
38. Planning/ Pregnant with baby #2
39. Get medical and go to doctor at least once a year
40. Quit my day job

41. Stop biting my nails ( 2 weeks straight)
42. Get manicure pedicure every two weeks (2 months in a row)
43.  Make skin care regimen and stick to it. ( 3 weeks in a row)
44. Find products that work best for my hair
45. Get hair done at salon without worrying about price
46. Master my curly hair styling
47. Find the perfect flats regardless the price
48. Fine tune my personal style with clothes and at home
49. Get laser have removal
50. Perfect my everyday make up
51. Eliminate my body scars
52. Master the cat eye
53. Have a few different styles of glasses/sunglasses at one time. (Min 5)
54. Wear a bikini in public
55. Get at least one more tattoo
56. Buy a new wardrobe once I've lost my goal weight
57. Buy another LV bag
58. Own and stock a bar cart
59. Buy art/prints I enjoy (min 3 pcs)
60. Invest in a good desktop computer
61. Buy fresh flowers weekly (4 weeks min)

62. Become 25 % and Go to Achieves
63. Become Emerald
64. Become Diamond and Get 4 hour massage in Hawaii
64. Put $10 in savings for every goal crossed off list
65. Have emergency funds/money saved
66. Down payment for a house (min 10k)
67. Have 250 k in the bank
68. Have 500k in the bank
69. Have one million dollars in the bank
70. Organize my laptop files and folders (including buying Microsoft office)
71. Organize my iTunes
72. Organize file cabinet and update office supplies
73. Organize every room in apartment. Master Bedroom. Kitchen. Living Room. Closets. Laundry Room.
74. Go through closet honestly and give away what I shouldn't/ don't wear

75. Start getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night (10 days in a row)
76. No fast food  (30 days in a row)
77. Lose 10. 20. 30. 40. pounds / be in the best shape of my life
75. No candy for 30 days straight
76. Create healthy recipes of meals I enjoy (min 5)
77. Eat only vegetarian meals for a week straight
78. Eat GF for one week straight
79. Learn to cook more Jamaican meals (min 3)
80. Start doing Pilates again ( 3 times a week  min for a month)
81. Go walking (min 3 times a week )
82. Buy a juicer and master a green juice recipe

83. Keep my soul full of optimism and love
84. Organize myself so I can function more efficiently
85. Stop complaining
86. Don't allow negative opinions to affect my progress
87. Master my words. Learn to voice my feels without hurting anyone else's
88. Go to church on a regular basis (4 weeks in a row)

89. Brush up on my AutoCad and Adobe skills
90. Publish my first book
91. Invest in Online Store business cards
92. Write a cookbook
93. Create a planner and sell my finished product
94. Add product to my online store
95. Allow my online store to generate enough revenue to become a primary income
96. Have a collaboration with another company
97. Design my own stationary line
98. Send out Christmas cards one year
99. Start new blog
100. Start blogging regularly (1 month continuous posts)
101. Start to paint again

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